Iliana Govea (Mexico City, 1993)

Graduated from the Faculty Of Arts And Design, National Autonomous University of Mexico. She focused her studies on Editorial Design exploring the book as an art medium and exhibiting her work on forums such as the Alternative Book Show on the International Book Fair of Mexico City and the International Conference Ages of The Book, from the Institute of Bibliographical Research. She has worked on critical and speculative design projects such as her graduate project “Reimagining the postbook”. She worked as a research assistant at the National Library of Mexico from the Institute of Bibliographical Research under supervision of Dr. Marina Garone Gravier.

She studied Digital Creativity and Contemporary Art History and has collaborated on artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality and internet of things projects. She has worked on creative advertising with international brands since 2016. Her creative work has been awarded by El Ojo de Iberoamérica and Echo LATAM awards.


Iliana works across book-objects, painting, digital and electronic media. Her works explore the relationship between society and the digital and postdigital media, showing a special interest in the interactions between past and speculative media.  Her research is focused on the materiality of media and the application of esoteric and scientific thought to the creative process.


  • Imagine. Ruben Herrera Museum. Coahuila, 2016.
  • Ilustractivo. Cultural Complex Tepalcatlalpan. Mexico City, 2013.
  • Axolotl. Faculty of Science, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Mexico City, 2012.

Fairs / Biennials

  • Alternative Books Show. XXXVII International Book Fair of Mexico City. Mexico City, 2016.
  • Poetry of the subject. Pavilion Broken English. Wrong Biennale, 2019.


Reimagining the postbook. III International Conference Ages of The Book. October 16-20.  Institute of Bibliographical Research. UNAM. Mexico City. 2017.


Reimagining the postbook. Graduate research and experimental design project.

Academic Experience

Institute of Bibliographical Research: Design research assistant, Supervisor: Dr. Marina Garone Gravier. 2014-2015


  • Diploma in Contemporary Art History, Anahuac University.
  • Diploma in Digital Creativity, Carolina University.
  • B.A. in Design and Visual Communication, UNAM. National Autonomous University of Mexico.